I am an Assistant Professor in the College of Information Studies (iSchool) and the Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS) at the University of Maryland, College Park. I am a member of the CLIP Lab.

I am passionate about large-scale behavior data analysis. I use multi-disciplinary methodologies featuring machine learning, causal inference, and experimental design. I am interested in applied areas of data science such as data science for social good, computational social science, recommender systems, and social and information network analysis.

I received my Ph.D. from the School of Information at University of Michigan. I was fortunate to be advised by Prof. Qiaozhu Mei and be a member of the Foreseer Group. Here is my CV.


Selected Recent Publications

See also my Google Scholar profile

  • The Promises and Pitfalls of Using Language Models to Measure Instruction Quality in Education
    Paiheng Xu, Jing Liu, Nathan Jones, Julie Cohen, Wei Ai
    NAACL 2024, to appear. [arXiv]

  • Emoji Promotes Developer Participation and Issue Resolution on GitHub
    Yuhang Zhou, Xuan Lu, Ge Gao, Qiaozhu Mei, Wei Ai
    ICWSM 2024, to appear. [arXiv]

  • Team Resilience under Shock: An Empirical Analysis of GitHub Repositories during Early COVID-19 Pandemic
    Xuan Lu, Wei Ai, Yixin Wang, Qiaozhu Mei
    ICWSM 2023. [pdf, arXiv]

  • Putting Teams into the Gig Economy: A Field Experiment at a Ride-sharing Platform
    Wei Ai, Yan Chen, Qiaozhu Mei, Jieping Ye, and Lingyu Zhang
    Management Science, 2023. [pdf, html]

  • Virtual teams in a gig economy
    Teng Ye, Wei Ai, Yan Chen, Qiaozhu Mei, and Jieping Ye
    PNAS, 2022. [pdf, html]

  • #Emoji: A Study on the Association between Emojis and Hashtags on Twitter
    Yuhang Zhou, Wei Ai
    ICWSM 2022. [pdf]

  • Emojis predict dropouts of remote workers: An empirical study of emoji usage on GitHub
    Xuan Lu, Wei Ai, Zhenpeng Chen, Yanbin Cao, Qiaozhu Mei
    PLOS ONE, 2022. [pdf, html]