I am a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Information at University of Michigan. I am fortunate to be advised by Prof. Qiaozhu Mei and be a member of the Foreseer Group. Previously, I received my bachelor degree in Computer Science from Peking University, with a double major in Economics.

I am interested in recommender system, and in general data mining. I am interested in understanding user behaviors from empirical data and design systems that make impact. To achieve this goal, I want to harness both machine learning algorithms and causal inference techniques. Here is my CV.


[Google Scholar profile]

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    [PDF] [Web]

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    [PDF] [Web]

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    [PDF] [Web]

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    [PDF] [Web]

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    [PDF] [Web]

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    [PDF] [Web]

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  • Graduate Student Instructor, 2017.1 -- 2017.4
    SI650 Information Retrieval, University of Michigan, Winter 2017.

  • Graduate Student Instructor, 2016.9 - 2016.12
    SI301 Models of Social Information Processing, University of Michigan, Fall 2016.

  • Teaching Assistant, 2013.2 - 2013.6
    Data Structure and Algorithm, Peking University, Spring 2013.

  • Data Scientist Intern at Didi Chuxing, 2017.7 – 2017.8

  • Software Engineer Intern at Twitter, 2015.5 - 2015.8

  • Volunteer Intern at Kiva.org, 2014.5

  • Software Engineer Intern at Tencent, 2013.4 - 2013.6